Rebecca Wachtman is an award-winning, emerging artist who creates fine art pieces utilizing reclaimed fibers as her base medium. Her love of the natural world comes from growing up in the Pacific Northwest, which heavily influences her artwork.

Rebecca happily had all the pieces of her life merge together on that fateful day when she was first introduced to the joy of painting upon silk. Rebecca continues to expand her skills as an artist as she combines her love of silk painting with her desire to sculpt (thus pioneering the Resinous Fibers Emergent Method©™ or Re-FEM©™ Process).

Rebecca's artwork:

Re-FEM©™ Sculptures are crafted from a variety of fabrics - all of which are recycled.  When combined with resin, the resulting sculptures are glass-like in appearance while being lightweight and somewhat flexible (which means they are less likely to break if dropped).

Silk Paintings are all painted on reclaimed silks (remnant of new silk, or recycled used-silks). Rebecca paints in 2 different styles: 1) The traditional Serti Method and 2)the modern Stop-flow Method.

Serti literally means wall.  When painting in the Serti style, a resist is applied to the fabric first.  The resist acts as a barrier and acts as a wall to keep the dyes within it.  Serti paintings have outlines around portions of the paintings, giving the paintings an almost stained-glass appearance.

The Stop-flow method allows for painting upon silk in a more controlled way.  The silk is treated before painting and the treatment literally stops the dyes from flowing easily through the silk.  This method is more time-consuming, but gives a much different look to the paintings - more like a watercolor painting.