Limited-edition Giclee Print - Troublesome Fungus
Rebecca Wachtman Studio

Limited-edition Giclee Print - Troublesome Fungus

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Order limited-edition giclee (zhee-clay) print of silk painting Troublesome Fungus, and have it delivered to your door!  Prints are hand-signed by the artist Rebecca Wachtman. (Limited-edition means the artist guarantees that no more than 100 prints will ever be printed!)

Troublesome Fungus was inspired by cedar stumps I pass by every day as I walk to my car.  I noticed the fungus was getting quite big and had some interesting patterns, so I snapped a few pictures for inspiration.  Later, when I enlarged the pictures, I realized that the fungus was full of gorgeous color!  I love that the fungus is doing its job of recycling the wood back into earthbound nutrients while quietly putting on a dazzling show – which you will only see if you take the time to really look.  

Limited-edition giclee prints are available in 2 sizes:                                                                    small - 20" high by 16 " wide    or    large - 32" high by 24" wide

  • High quality giclee print on artist-quality canvas
  • UV Light Protection prevents fading and cracking
  • Ready to hang
  • Available in gallery-wrap-edged, unframed.  
  • OPTION - simple, elegant, black frame available for additional fee
  • Hand-signed by artist Rebecca Wachtman
  • Numbered Certificate of Authenticity included 
  • *Please note that each product is created one-at-a-time & on-demand, therefore all sales are final.
  • Custom print sizes may be available.  Simply contact us and specify the size you are interested in and we will send you a quote.