Magnolias In the Mist - Original Silk Painting
Rebecca Wachtman Studio

Magnolias In the Mist - Original Silk Painting

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An original silk painting by artist Rebecca Wachtman.  Media: Reclaimed Silk Remnant, Jacquard Dyes, Resistad, Cold Wax, Water, Alcohol, Steam-set. Stop-flow method/style. Wrap-mounted onto canvas. Framed. Hand-signed. 

Size: 24"x18" unframed.       27"x21"x2" In black frame

Art Statement:   For this painting’s inspiration, I had originally taken pictures of a lovely branch, heavy with Magnolia blossoms.  I had played with the photograph settings until everything was grey-scale except for the flowers.  I set out to create a similar effect in my painting allowing the flowers to really pop, while leaving the majority of the painting (in my version of) greyscale.  I love the look – every time I see this painting, I am reminded of how sculptural and inviting the magnolia blossoms are.  The almost beckon you to touch them.

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