Original, Hand-painted, Silk Painting - Troublesome Fungus
Rebecca Wachtman Studio

Original, Hand-painted, Silk Painting - Troublesome Fungus

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Troublesome Fungus is an original silk painting painted upon reclaimed silk using the stop-flow method.

Media used includes: Reclaimed Silk, Magic Sizing, Red-label Jacquard Dyes, Cold Wax, Jacquard Resist. Isopropyl Alcohol, Vodka, and Water.  This painting was steam-set and is mounted with Acrylic Matte Medium onto an 18" x 24" canvas.  

Troublesome Fungus is framed in a black vintage frame (without glass) and the finished size is 22" x 28" x 2".   

Troublesome Fungus was inspired by cedar stumps I pass by every day as I walk to my car.  I noticed the fungus was getting quite big and had some interesting patterns, so I snapped a few pictures for inspiration.  Later, when I enlarged the pictures, I realized that the fungus was full of gorgeous color!  I love that the fungus is doing its job of recycling the wood back into earthbound nutrients while quietly putting on a dazzling show – which you will only see if you take the time to really look.   

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