Silk & Resin Sculpture "Chemise As A Flower"
Rebecca Wachtman Studio

Silk & Resin Sculpture "Chemise As A Flower"

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"Chemise As A Flower" is a Silk & Resin sculpture created using the Re-FEM©™ process.  As the name suggests, the silk used to create this sculpture was reclaimed from a silk-chemise.  The silk was hand-dyed and then sculpted into the gorgeous, ethereal creation you see today.   Chemise was my first sculptural flower and it's successful creation has led me on a path to create other fanciful, floral creations.

To me, "Chemise As A Flower" represents the beauty and usability which is still very-much present in cast-off, damaged silk goods. Tears, holes, and stains do not have to mean that the fabric of an item is no longer usable and should therefore be thrown out.  A damaged item simply needs to be given a function that differs from its original purpose.  

Chemise's sculptural size is 9"x9"x5"

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